Ways To Hide IP Address

Nowadays, it is a given fact that an increasing number of people are becoming Web savvy. Many individuals count on the Web for info gathering and sharing around social networks. For people who love to browse the Web, you want to have total privacy and have the ability to browse the Web anonymously to do away with people who are stalking every communications you send out online. As you browse the Web, it is required that you conceal your IP, since there are many hackers and phishers online.

You will discover that there are several ways to efficiently mask your IP address. One great way is to utilize a Web proxy. It can be a computer system program or software that allows you a network service where you could funnel your connection through the Web anonymously. Web proxies runs as a buffer for all your online actions as they transport them to the right resources.

There are many various implementations of proxy servers that could help you to efficiently conceal your IP address. The use of Website based proxy servers has become rather typical in the recent times. There are numerous of such sites that you would stumble upon on the internet. Basically, these Websites provide you a form where you could enter the particular site that you want to visit. As soon as you have submitted the form, the proxy server sends a request for the pages you should gain access to. The machine in this case would not identify itself as a proxy server and would not store or send your IP address together with your Web resource request.

Using browser configured proxies have actually been a usual practice nowadays. Now you can conveniently route your browser traffic through the assistance of Web proxies. There are numerous types of Web proxies, it can be transparent, confidential, high anonymity, or distorting. Anybody could utilize any of these Web proxies to effectively safeguard their IP addresses online today.

An installed software proxy is a great way for your to hide your IP address. For you to appreciate its many perks, you could signup for an annual or possibly a one time subscription fee. These top notch proxy servers are dependable and will surely afford you the best and fastest Web connection ever. If you are searching for a Web proxy server to conceal your IP address, this is the best method to go.

If you want to conceal your IP address, make sure that this piece of information would provide you lots of inspiration and guidance. With these, you could take pleasure in surfing anonymously.

If you are searching for a reputable online proxy service, give the HMA Web proxy service a try. They indeed offer a great anonymous Web proxy, free of charge.

Blackberry Curve Smart Phones

Blackberry has remained one of the leading phone manufacturers and even with the new smart phone age, they have not been left behind in manufacturing these. The Blackberry Curve smart phones maintain the classic blackberry model with the same sleek exterior and QWERTY keypad. There are nine smart phones so far with many similarities and few differences. The easiest way to know about the smart phones and what each one is best for is by grouping the similar ones together then describing their similarities and differences.

Lets start with 8350i, this smart phone has the classic thick blackberry exterior with a 2MP camera and video recording capabilities it plays most audio and video media file formats and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The main features that make this phone unique are push to talk capabilities, single and group calls, and long talk time of up to 4 hours. Its basically useful for people who make a lot of phone calls. 9310 is similar to 8350i with the differences being that it has a 3.2MP camera and doesn’t have push to talk capabilities. It also has longer talk time of up to 8 hours.

Blackberry Curve Smart Phones

Next on the blackberry curve smart phones we have 9350, 9360 and 9370. These phones are basically important for the multimedia capabilities. This is because they have large expandable SD card storage of 1 GB to 32 GB. They can play almost all video and audio file formats and have a powerful processor of up to 800Mhz. They also have a very powerful 5MP with extra features like face detection, scene mode and a flash. The differences are actually in terms of small numbers for example 9350 has a talk time of 5.5 hours while 9360 and 9370 have 5 hours. 9360 has extra M3, T3 for hearing aids.

8520 and 8530 are basically fancy phones for people who love are looking for different colors of phones besides black and grey. They have multimedia features similar to the other phones also have a powerful Wi-Fi but no Bluetooth headphones. They have a 2.0 MP camera so they are not exactly the best choice for photo taking. There are few differences between them.

Lastly we have 9300 and 9330 which are basically similar to all the other phones except for a better camera focus. These phones have hearing aids i.e. M3, T3 for 9300 and M4, T4 for 9330. They are best suited for people with hearing disabilities, like the increasingly popular BlackBerry Torch 9810.

BlackBerry For Business

RIM, the company known for pioneering a new era of mobile communication through its BlackBerry devices, is becoming valuable. BlackBerry devices are essential for professionals to keep in touch with their corporate firms. Ever since the first BlackBerry device came out, major companies from all over the world recognized BlackBerry as their ideal wireless service provider. The wireless technology came first through North America. Since then, BlackBerry became a household name for small and big businesses.

RIM has made it to a point where the tools used in their services are basically the same for both small and large scale businesses. You tend to wonder why this came to be the case. Shouldn’t larger and wide spread businesses require bigger tools compared to the smaller ones? Not necessarily. Wireless services provided by BlackBerry are equal in all counts.

There’s hardly any difference in terms of wireless communication and the services that go along with it. Be it big or small, the services offered are equal. RIM’s way of offering management solutions and products that consists of top notch security and dependability to large companies is the same as that to those running a small scale business. Service flexibility and reasonable pricing is what many small businesses find attractive with what BlackBerry has to offer.

BlackBerry became the main attraction as the corporate solutions it provides are exactly the same for every running company. With a fraction of a price compared to other companies that offer limited solutions, BlackBerry became an obvious choice among enterprises.

Owners who run small businesses may find it hard to tackle different responsibilities. BlackBerry will step in and make it a whole lot easier for you. Their wireless service ensures that owners can keep in touch with their businesses day and night without having to worry about interruptions. BlackBerry’s own products, servers and applications will make sure you never lose sight of the business you run. Communication has never been easier when business owners subscribes to BlackBerry’s products and services.

BB For Business

Business owners can browse through hundreds of apps in their BlackBerry handsets to help them stay flexible. By simply scrolling through the BlackBerry App market, an owner can select app solutions that can help them with their business in any way.

BlackBerry is doing its best to keep in touch with their customers. Small businesses are as important as that of large corporations. While it delivers the same high quality service to its customers regardless of businesses sizes, it works hard when it comes to developing marketing strategies.

As BlackBerry penetrated the world with its excellent wireless service for businesses, it recently offered product and services aimed in influencing the importance of social networking. The brand is working hard to ensure that businesses can socially interact and keep in touch with each other through social solutions provided by BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Worsens: Users on Service Issues…

RIM, or known as Research in Motion, the company responsible for making the once-popular BlackBerry smartphones, have admitted it is facing a series of disruptions with its wireless services as well as problems with its applications.

Service problems have plagued BlackBerry users from different parts of the world. And this came a few days after RIM revealed it incurred major financial losses and poor sales on its previous quarter. While the company is frantically trying to find ways to curb the problems and reassures its current subscription base to have faith, it made a major move in cutting off several thousand jobs to prevent further losses. There have been confirmed reports RIM would take BlackBerry to another level when it plans to release a new operating system in the BlackBerry 10 with its new line of devices on the early half of next year.

The service problems have scaled in major European countries, the Middle East and in some parts of Africa. While there may still be some bugs that users are still experiencing in their BlackBerry devices, including the very popular Torch 9800, RIM has reassured its users it is doing the best it can to resolve its wireless and service issues. The main application most users have frequently been having problems with its BlackBerry’s own Messenger.

BlackBerry Worsens: Users on Service Issues...

While the app is still experiencing some light problems, other services have been restored in terms of connectivity and function. This may be a bit of dismay to some users since BlackBerry is already bogged down with problems for the last several years and the added inconvenience is making it worse. The company is struggling to make ends meet as its shares in the stock exchange have dipped to more than 20%. The announcement was then made with job cuts that sliced one third of RIM’s employees.

The overall net loss on the first quarter this year left RIM with over $500 million. This is bigger than expected leading to a total loss of over 40% amounting to over a billion dollars. With the popularity of Google Android powered devices and the strength of Apple’s iOS, Blackberry is slipping away fast. RIM’s shares are falling rapidly and if the company can’t do anything about it, the trend will continue to spiral downward.

The recent technical issue have prompted BlackBerry users to accept RIM’s latest woes. The technical challenges plaguing the company is one of the many signs that led to the development of BlackBerry 10 slated for an early release next year.

While users are eager to figure out the heart of the technical problem, RIM explained its servers went down abruptly affecting millions of BlackBerry users from different parts of the globe. While many users are complaining of BlackBerry’s recent technical glitch, some are still hopeful RIM will make improvements in the near future.

BlackBerry 10: A Closer Look…

RIM in Today’s Competitive Market

The makers of BlackBerry Devices, RIM, is now on the verge of losing it all after recent financial reports suggest that its position as a once dominating mobile company will not last them through the next several months. This is evident as other handset makers have increased their presence in the market as well as their sharp value in their stocks.

RIM appears to be teetering on wobbly ground as the Waterloo based company is in dire need of reinventing itself and proving the mobile world that it has some tank left to change the tide. This can be pretty hard to imagine since RIM’s increasing loss of over $500 million and poor sales performance have led them to make significant job cuts (over one third of its workforce to be precise). What is even worse, its planned release of its new platform, the BlackBerry 10, has been pushed back to the early half of next year.

Can RIM Bounce Back in 2013?

Analysts believe that RIM’s desperate project in the BB 10 is said to be a make-or-break presentation that would determine the company’s faith on its next years ahead as a competitive mobile maker. While RIM is continuously slipping, its other competitor, Google Android, is rapidly gaining more marketing presence.

The current shares from the BlackBerry handset maker have stumbled down to nearly 20% last Friday placing their current stock value at $7.39 per share. This is a huge drop from their $140 per share value four years ago when the company was at the peak of the game.

RIM OfficeAnalysts are not impressed with the latest financial results and others are disappointed to see RIM heading in the wrong direction.

Most investors are already rating their RIM shares as a definite sell. They believe the only way for RIM to gain back its superiority is by trying go in a direction where users can easily acquaint themselves into. For instance, many insist RIM to move on to a new Windows based platform or sell its own patents to other phone manufacturers.

RIM’s current shares are purely disappointing as competitors like Google Android is massively making a move to clear more room with 60% of its shares in the mobile market. Meanwhile, Apple is slowly gaining more shares as it currently peaks at 23%. This basically leaves BlackBerry to occupy a dismal 6% of the remaining pie in the market. It is a far cry from the 13% a couple of years ago.

While RIM is still wealthy with its market shares of over $3 billion, the company is still valuable with over $2 billion of cash holding as well as its assets and nearly 80 million users from all over the globe. Some investors are encouraging other potential ones to stay away as RIM is believed to slide down even further leaving little to those who have made investments on the company.

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